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Our Team


Fabio Bertuol, MEd, BCBA


Fabio is our Board Certified Behavior Analyst. He has 20 years of experience working with Autism different settings, Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil) and Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (University of Cincinnati, OH)

Ana Ceolin, RBT


Ana is our Lead Registred Behavior Technician. She has a major in Psychology, specialist in humanistic psychology and play therapy, graduated in people management.

Fabielen Magalhaes, BT


Fabielen has a Bachelor in Psychology at Universidade Catolica de Petropolis - Brazil. Expertise as Clinical and School Psychologist. Worked as Lead Behavior Technician with ASD patients and family care.

Danyelle Pinto, RBT


Danyelle has a major in Education, graduated as a teacher and educational coordinator from UFF - Federal Fluminense University.

Luciana Molinari, BT


Luciana is a Behavior Technician, she has a major in Education, graduated  in psycho-education and specialist in child education.

Tatiana Sena, BT


Tatiana is a Behavior Technician, she has a major in Psychology, with experience in clinical care of children and adolescents. She is also graduated in Analytical Psychology.

Thais Castanho, MS, BT


Thais is a Behavior  Technician  with a major in Education and Psychology, specialist in Special Education, psycho-education, art and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Thais also has a Master Degree in Technology, Education and Science from  UTFPR.

Valeria Claps, OTA, BT


Valeria graduated from an OTA program at HCC Coleman College of Health Sciences, and she is well-prepared and certified to work as a COTA. After completing 2 internships, Valeria was motivated to begin working as a BT and using some of the occupational therapy approaches to help clients developing and improving skills to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Sheila Grimberg, BT


Sheila is a Behavior Technician, she has a bachelor degree in Physical Therapy, expertise on gross and fine motor skills for children with special needs. Sheila has also graduate in Global Postural Reeducation for treatment of postural impairments, body alignment, muscles strength, motor coordination and balance.

Lara Ramos, RBT


Lara is a Behavior Technician, she has a Bachelor of Science in Speech and Language Pathology.

Maria Betania Vilar, BT


Betania is a Behavior Technician, she has an Associate Degree in applied science in Child development, graduated  in psycho-education and educational leadership. Betania also has a Bachelor in Education with specialization in child education.

Juliana Morais, RBT


Juliana is a Behavior Technician, she has a major in communication, specialist in verbal, non-verbal and written skills.

Raffaella Bottone, BT


Raffaella is our Behavior Technician, graduating student in Psychology at University of Houston.